Dr. Schuyler Van Gorden

What I’ve found in the years I’ve been in practice is that dentistry is not just about teeth. It is a very interesting and complex field, because behind the teeth are people. I enjoy people and helping them live longer, happier lives through dentistry.

Dentistry has allowed me to be a perennial student. Forty-nine years ago, I was working as a research chemist in San Francisco, and every day I walked through the dental school to get to my lab. I liked the dental school and thought, “32 teeth, I can learn that in a few weeks.” Here I am 44 years later and still studying and fascinated by the impact the oral cavity has on our systemic health.

I am a biological/holistic dentist. What does that mean? In simple terms, I am as interested in your systemic health as I am in your dental health, and understand how they affect each other.


Education & Experience

Professional Affiliations

Community Activities

  • Board of directors, Northland Buildings
  • Past president, Ojibwa Chapter Trout Unlimited
  • Past commander, Eau Claire Commandery #8
  • Past president, Eau Claire Antique Car Club
  • Board of directors of Chippewa Valley Boy Scouts, 1992 to present
  • President, Chippewa Valley Boy Scout Council, 2006 to 2009
  • Board of directors, Eau Claire YMCA 2005 to present
  • Past member, Vestry Episcopal Cathedral
  • Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation


  • Pankey Scholar, 2003
  • Silver Beaver Boy Scouts of America, 1999
  • President’s Award Chippewa Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America, 2001
  • Winner of Dancing with the Stars, Eau Claire
  • Guardian of the Spirit Award from Camp Manitou
  • Good Scout Award

Outside the Office

I am a native of Eau Claire, and have been married to Jane for more than 45 years. My passion for dentistry must have been obvious when my children were growing up, because my son Schuyler decided to follow in my footsteps and is now a practicing dentist in Basalt, Colorado. My daughter Heather lives in Minneapolis and has blessed us with two grandchildren who still think I’m pretty cool. They’re a lot of fun.

I am an avid fly fisherman and have traveled all over the world, including Chile, Brazil, Alaska, New Zealand, Honduras, and the Bahamas, in the winter to take advantage of the wonderful fishing opportunities. I am also a private pilot and owner of a 182 Cessna on floats to allow me to fly up to Canada for special fly-fishing events. I also use it to fly to our cabin near Hayward.

Another one of my passions is woodcarving, mostly of fish and mammals. I love to stay active, whether I’m playing golf, tennis, or rollerblading, and last August I completed my 26th annual 100-mile bike ride, “The BlueBerry Century.” To top it all off, I went to Africa and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in October 2011. I love life and am very happy practicing dentistry.

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