Waterlase iPlus®

Menomonie Street Dental offers patients laser dentistry with the Waterlase iPlus

Laser on tooth

  • Gentle dentistry for children and adults
  • Precision treatment
  • No needles!
  • Pain free!

At Menomonie Street Dental, our vision is to transform the course of modern dentistry through innovative technology. Laser treatment is one of dentistry's latest innovations. Children find laser treatment a pleasant experience and adults too will benefit from the precision and versatility of this advanced dental technique.

The Waterlase iPlus is one of the latest equipment upgrades at Menomonie Street Dental. The Waterlase iPlus offers patients gentle, effective, non-invasive, and oftentimes painless solutions to some of the most complex dental problems.

Talk to one of our treatment coordinators about what the Waterlase iPlus can to do for you.

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